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  • Wet Basement Issues- We use years of experience to diagnose the source of the problem water, which then allow us to propose a plan to rectify the situation. Many homes have wet basements and the solutions vary greatly. Each job is dealt with on an individual basis using many years of knowledge gained from solving previous issues.
  • Re-grading of yards/lawns
  • Bury downspout outlet pipes
  • Sump pump installations
  • Detention/Recharger Systems
  • Drainage Ponds


This 2 family home was getting water in the basement entering near the garage.

Surwilo designed a small drainage system to accept water from roof leaders, (gutters), and surface water that collected the rear of the house. A perforated pipe was installed and surrounded by trap rock to catch water that spilled over and through the stone wall.
Two infiltrators were installed and surrounded by trap rock and enveloped with filter fabric which allows the water to leech back into ground slowly.

The new system is then backfilled with clean material from the site.

The final product before top soil, grass seed, fertilizer and shredded hay. All rocks and roots raked out leaving a perfect base for growth.

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